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Hefei development co., LTD., established in semiconductor2013In hefei is the only engaged in the semiconductor industry development and the investment of state-owned holding company。Company in hefei high-tech zone high-tech venture parkA3As a base,The main business ... [To check the details]
   Yangtze river delta integrated circuit industry union officially unveiled the established public service institutions2019.09.09
   Our company representatives to Shanghai to attend the second all over the worldICBusiness conference andIC Chi2019.09.09
   We hold2019Integrated circuit enterprises preferential tax policy announcement2019.09.09
   Qingcheng mountain in ChinaICEcological peak BBS held in chengdu2019.07.10
   Our company to carry out investment promotion activities2019.07.02
   High-tech zone delegation to Europe's semiconductor industry2019.07.02
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