Handed down from ancient times to taste One hundred east ancient

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Star product,The star,To provide you with more、Update the sense of taste enjoyment。

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On the tip of the tongue,Maotai-flavor rich,Flavour is dye-in-the-wood !
Heritage in one hundred,The east ancient brewing,Pile up with the flavor of traditional ancient east,With the traditional brewing process retains the original is delicious。

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Ten yearsThe trees

In one hundredEnts。

Yinhe ancient seasoning food co., LTD is located in the east guangdong yinhe ancient town of wheat water industrial zone3Number,Predecessor was founded in the qing>The light for 30 years(The 185 AD〇Years)The adjustable Jane sauce and pickle shop,The original is located in heshan county ancient town of lowe's market,So far has one hundred and sixty years of history。

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