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    Ovid in jiexiu city co., LTD., established in the holy things flow(Industrial and commercial registration)2014Years6Month11Day,Located in a rich culture of jiexiu city of Shanxi Province,Kitamura YiTang in jiexiu city location in jinzhong city town(YiTang town west Liu Tun CunDong)。Company covers the area of overall planning100050Square meters(Jn150m)。The company the first phase of the total area15897㎡(23.87m)。A total construction area of9090㎡。The total investment budget for infrastructure construction4.4One hundred million yuan。Deadline2017Years10Month,The company first phase of the project has been completed and put into operation,Put into construction funds8900Ten thousand yuan。Company registered capital of RMB 3 $ten thousand,The legal representative:Jin-gang hu,Company business registration number:91140781397314947J,Enterprise type for a limited liability company(A natural person investment or holdings)。Subsidiary company name:Shanxi constant st auto technology co., LTD。Group co., LTD10Big plate,Existing staff130More than one,One of them:Senior management personnel4People、Logistics professionals 6Name、Marketing manager8Name、Marketing personnel28Name,After-sales service personnel60Name,Other personnel20More than。Scope of business for the group company:Commercial vehicle sales and service,Road transport of general cargo,Cargo transportation agent、Transportation consulting services、Cargo storage、Parking services。Group company for the development of jiexiu city and the surrounding subsidy users with generous returns and social benefits,Made a certain contribution for the local development in jiexiu city


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