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My company is located in jiaxing, zhejiang,The geographical position is superior,The environment is exquisite,The transportation is convenient。The company was founded in2016Years12Month28Day,Companies rely on the perfect technology、High quality employees,In order to"The good faith、Friendliness、Innovation"The spirit of enterprise,Go to great lengths to provide users with perfect、Friendly service。 Since its establishment,Have been to“Development innovation,The good faith management,Reasonable pricing”For the idea。Company of zhejiang leather materials wholesale,Water-based polyurethane,Leather chemicals,Leather material,Water-based resin,Water-based adhesives has covered more than 20 provinces and cities,Won a good reputation in the user,My company will, as always, with high quality products...

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Zhejiang leather material wholesale services_Series of light oil factory_Water-based synthetic resin factory,Update time:2019-01-05



Zhejiang leather material wholesale services_Series of light oil factory_Water-based synthetic resin factory

Construction is convenient1.The construction is simple,The normal temperature,The moisture、Is not sensitive to temperature,No pollution。2.Use complete sets of equipment,Construction is convenient,A high efficiency;A construction thickness can meet the design requirement。3.Series of spraying equipment to meet the different requirements of various components of construction。Environmental protection coating1.100%Solid content,No pollution to the environment,Do not contain any volatile organic compounds(VOCS)2.Rapid solidification,Without catalyst,Can be on any surface、Spray forming on the surface of slope and vertical,Do not produce flow phenomenon,Gel time is short,Few minutes to walk。Colour and lustre is beautiful1.To join all kinds of yan、Dye,To make different colors of products,So keep clean,Colour and lustre is beautiful and easy,Use for a long time do not fade, etc。2.Prototype good reproducibility,Continuous coating、The density,No seam、No pinhole,Beautiful and practical,Uv protection performance excellence。Products are mainly for all kinds of hot melt adhesive,VarietiesEVAHot melt adhesive、Polyolefin hot melt adhesive、Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive、PURGlue,Rubber magnetic card,Waterborne polyurethane curing agent,Water-based polyurethane thickener,Such as environmental protection glue adhesion agent。

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